Why do I call myself a business whisperer? I do most everything that any other business consultant does to improve a business. I do business analysis, strategic planning, change management, and more.

But, the foundation of business is people. There is chemistry between people that can go sour. Or, it can raise a business up to new glorious heights.

Business consultant turned business whisperer

Since I got started as a business consultant, I have always been able to generate substantial profits for my clients. But I have observed over time, that the more I have concentrated on improving the people problems – communication, accountability, and commitment – the more my clients’ profits have increased. You cannot really consider what I do the “soft side” of business and certainly not “touchy feely,” because everything I do is to “make real results happen.”

By understanding the underlying driving patterns that affect performance and communication, we can transform a business. This includes the invisible matters of instinct, the dynamics between people, and the way people behave. All of this can be harnessed as a core magic for true business transformation.

Creating positive change in businesses

For example, one of my recent clients credited me with saving his marriage after a very successful sales management project. Even though he only paid me for three weeks of work, he told that what I did was worth half of all that he owned.

This was a case where a husband and wife worked in the business, and their instinctive patterns and styles created a dynamic where they were essentially incapable as business partners, given the way things were set up. We made some foundational changes, with their approval, and now it’s a happy place with a bright future.

I also helped a business involving three sons working for the father, with two of them fighting physically in the halls of the office. Now, a couple of years later, all are working together in harmony. That’s the beauty of working with a business whisperer instead of just a business consultant.

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If I can solve these kinds of problems, think about what I can do for your team. Once everybody is aligned and pulling together, the sky’s the limit, and past obstacles can be throw off. Give me a call, and let’s see what can be done for you.