Client Testimonials

In my work as an independent management consultant, I have been fortunate. I am most grateful to say that my experience with my clients over almost fifteen years has been wonderful. My clients have been with few exceptions men and women of courage, competence and grit who have with determination and integrity faced their challenges, worked with me to find solutions, and took actions on strategies we developed together. From their renewed clarity of direction and the results of their actions with my support, they have pulled themselves and their companies forward to uplift their people, performance and profit to higher levels. For many of them, these changes were transforming. For their appreciation of my work and their relationship with me, I am grateful. I have been honored to be of service to them.

Jerry Llewellyn, CEO, JLL Consulting Group

Mark Walsh, CEO, Rogue Engineering

Once again I find myself in the pleasant position of praising your performance.  After 14 years in business with no clear sales and marketing plan, your help in finding the right sales leader gives us the opportunity to finally begin growing the company beyond our current customer base.
After reading through all of the resumes as they came in, I was amazed at your ability to see through the fluff in the typical resume and select such high quality candidates.  I thank you for crafting the recruiting ad that attracted such capable people initially and your keen skill in separating out the cream for initial interviews.  All three of the candidates selected for a second interview could have fit well into the sales manager slot, but your insightful questions and analysis of the instinctual strengths and past performance of each candidate, made it possible for us to make an informed, clear and immediate choice with confidence for this important management team position.
With the addition of our new sales manager, I expect to easily exceed the growth projections we developed in August.  Again, I can’t thank you enough for helping us build the foundation we need to move the company into another exciting phase.
Your objectivity and training to help me become more objective helped me correct a personnel problem that could easily have buried my company. Your showing me both my strengths and limitations is invaluable to me. I have a growing company again, but more importantly I have a life again – Thanks to you.
What you have done with our management team is almost miraculous. Everyone is so enthusiastic now and loves coming to work, including me! Our goals are clearly achievable now, our growth and profitability are up, and there are no obstacles that we cannot overcome.

Not only that: every employee has blossomed and responded to the new challenges enthusiastically.  My employees now have opportunities for both professional and personal growth that I had been denying them.  I have never seen them happier.  I can’t thank you enough for the giving these new opportunities to me, to my company, and to these employees that I care deeply about.
As a result of the sales and management team changes you helped us put into place and the new level of performance from my team, I recently had to face an unusual problem. Mid-year our net profits were six times what they had ever had been & I had to figure out what to do with the money! Thanks again.

Jeff Murray, President, CEO, White Mountain Foods

I contracted with Jerry Llewellyn in 2007 to provide business consulting services for my food manufacturing company, White Mountain Foods. I had recently taken over control of the family business and wanted to grow it, but had no clear path forward. I knew where I wanted to go but did not know how to get there. Mr. Llewellyn provided me with the tools and the industry standard information that gave me the confidence of a firm foundation in business structure and finance, accounting, budgeting, sales, and staffing. Within three years my profit grew by 1000% allowing me to add and keep quality critical staff which led to even greater profit, currently at a 2000% increase over the 2007 level.

Mr. Llewellyn’s bedside manner is well honed, easy to get along with, unassuming, and non-threatening all at the same time. His personality is such that he can point out your weaknesses and failings in a supportive way. I was thoroughly impressed with his performance and the information he gave me at every point along the way.

I would highly recommend Mr. Llewellyn to anyone seeking help with any size business, from simple advice and consulting, to running your company for you.

David Wostarek, Owner, Northwest Imports

You have been able to put into words problems that have been causing us trouble for years and found solutions where none were thought possible. Thanks so much for helping us see our way clear of these difficulties.

Jerry, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. There have been a lot of other consultants talk to me over time, even ones specifically from my industry, and no one else has given me the kind of insights that you have. Your perceptions, knowledge and ability to communicate knowledge of how business really works are at a whole different level, deeper than anyone else. I would be so happy to talk to anyone about you.

Also, you made us $50,000 in the first four hours of consulting. How do you do that? Keep up the good work!

 Kyle Young, CEO, TYart LLC

At a time when my company needed a pivotal move, Jerry Llewellyn offered personalized, structural reorganization plans to properly advance my business with both employees and clients. With his guidance, we developed a working plan that was practical and attentive to my specific business needs.

Jerry guided me through the initial reorganization and implementation, and still consults with me. His services and pragmatic approach have created a tremendously positive effect on my ability to advance my company with the confidence and knowledge I needed to move to the next level. I highly recommend Jerry Llewellyn for all services aimed to develop and advance a company for efficiency, greater profitability, and successful growth. 

 Mike Zimmerlee, CEO Cordova Flow Controls

Thank you for helping me change my business attitude through your Leadership course and executive coaching. Your process taught me that I must first learn to lead myself before I can learn to lead others. The goal planning session has helped me know where I want our business to take me in the future. Your sincere concern for our business success is what sets you apart from other consultants.”

Ken Stocker, Owner, Premier Medical Transport

After our time together yesterday, I got more work done today than I have in the last three months. I am so happy how this is working for me. I see now that I can increase my productivity, have much more satisfaction, and get far greater results using my strengths in the right way for me. Thanks for your help!

Matthew E. Powell, CCO, Accumatch

Jerry, I just wanted to let you know that your services are greatly appreciated.  I’m thankful for your wisdom and experience, but especially for the direction given to our company.  The revelatory results have been amazing. We really feel that we are on track and prepared for our anticipated growth.  I know that you would credit us for the results, but much of this is thanks to you.  Your calm demeanor and reassuring tone was well received by the whole team.  Thanks a million, Jerry.  Please let me know if I can do anything to help you in the future.

God bless you and your family, Jerry.  See you again soon!

Cheryl Brubaker, Production Manager, Rogue Engineering

We are not accustomed to dealing with people who appreciate our efforts as you do, and the manifestation of that appreciation leaves us very humble, with the feeling that we do not deserve it because we realize our limitations and faults. Therefore, instead of efforts being classed as work, they have seemed a pleasure.

John Leiter, John M. Leiter & Associates Law Offices, PA

You helped us establish our vision, our mission, and importantly, got us to roll up our sleeves and get down to the tough task of addressing our specific critical goals and the action steps we need to take to obtain them. Thanks to you we are no longer stuck, but moving forward with confidence.

Rick Vavro, Owner, Austin Underground

From a solid foundation of an organization structure that Jerry helped us build, we have been able to grow from $6 Million in 2013 to $18 Million in 2017. We have leveraged this framework Jerry provided such that our somewhat empty offices at the time are now full with people that know clearly what their priorities are and what they are accountable to achieve. This rapid growth would have been impossible without the organization structure that Jerry helped us build.

I highly recommend Jerry to any company wanting to grow and to be fully prepared to do so.

Gary Bronner, Chief Operating Officer, Avalon Advisors

Our firm recently engaged Jerry Llewellyn to help us put into place an Employee Incentive Plan for our Operations and Administrative group. He interviewed each team member and facilitated brainstorming sessions that allowed the team to have input in building the incentive plan. Once the plan was created, Jerry facilitated the communications with each person through individual and team meetings. By the end of the two weeks, we had a plan document that outlined the guidelines for participation in the plan, a performance evaluation system and a well thought-out model for the allocation of the team’s bonus pool.

Jerry is a consummate professional with a significant amount of experience in performance and human resources management. Throughout the process, he continually engaged and encouraged me and the members of my team. The final output from the project far exceeded our expectations, and I highly recommend Jerry Llewellyn.

William Tuell, CEO, Saturn Returns LLC

Jerry you have brought my business to life. You REALLY are the business whisperer!

Jennifer Stocker, Owner, Premier Medical Transport

Jerry, after spending just two days with you I am 100% convinced that we made the right selection in hiring you. I am honored to be working with you both and feel really blessed that somehow you two have been brought into our lives at this time. After only two days, I trust each of you completely and know that you can and will help us and help our company. Because of you, I am more relaxed today than I have been in more than two years.

Alan Jenks, Owner Gulf Coast Flooring

Over three plus years, Jerry has supported the growth of our Company in two ways: 1) By developing and helping us implement our strategic plan of managed growth and 2) By recruiting key positions at all levels of our operations.

Jerry has been always very professional, productive, and easy to work with. Best of all, he has brought really talented people to fill our needed positions including Project Superintendent, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Accounting Manager, Assistant to the Vice President and others. This quality talent and Jerry’s strategic growth plan has helped our company grow beyond our highest expectations.  I highly recommend Jerry as a true professional for recruiting and business growth.

Roger Blaine, CEO, Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning

Last year we basically broke-even or lost a little. We have been that way for the last fifteen years. This year using the initiatives and plans developed with by Jerry Llewellyn with only a few weeks to go in this year we expect a 72% annual revenue increase with over 15 % net profit! Now we are really on a roll

Scott Brown, Founder & Managing Partner of Scott Brown & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Jerry created systems and organizational processes that freed up my time and allowed me to work on the business instead of so much in the business. This allowed us to double in size in the last four years! I highly recommend Jerry Llewellyn to any professional or business owner wanting to become more successful.

 Brenda J. Whitman, CEO, Goldco Precious Metals

In my role as Director of IRA Services, and now CEO here at Goldco, I have worked closely with and observed Jerry Llewellyn in every aspect of his consulting work with our company throughout 2016. During this year with Jerry’s support, we have grown our business from $53 million to $85 million in gross sales, reaching record breaking monthly sales multiple times.

Jerry has been instrumental in helping to minimize the challenges associated with this type of growth. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to draw out the best in others – their best ideas and their best efforts to build teamwork and high levels of performance. He is extremely professional, laser sharp, and a phenomenal communicator. Jerry has also provided executive coaching to the leadership at Goldco, generating new ideas and initiatives for the success of the company. His assignments included:

  • Identifying and developing the sales management team;
  • Designing and supporting the reorganization of the sales department;
  • Developing an effective sales management system including a sales coaching and training program;
  • Designing and implementing a strategic plan and performance criteria for meeting sales goals;
  • Resolutions of various interdepartmental problems and concerns.

Additionally, he has assisted and influenced the culture of the Company by helping to clarify and develop the Company values, as well as our vision and mission statements. Through a process he calls “knowledge integration”, Jerry drew out our owner’s master management plan for our Company called “The Goldco Way”, which was crafted into a visual format and is now framed on the walls of our offices, serving as a powerful guidepost for our team members and management.

Jerry has bolted solid leadership and action strategies in place resulting in a clear path for our future growth and success. I highly recommend Jerry to any company that wants to grow rapidly and profitably based on a solid culture of teamwork and excellence.

Brand Martin CTO, Accumatch

Jerry, you were extremely easy to get along with and very professional. We could tell that you love what you do and are fantastic at it. You were very professional in all ways and gave our teams very clear directions on how to move out of the confusion we were in. Now our teams are very excited about the future and clear about their vision, mission, and accountabilities. You gave us 6 months worth of management and supervision training documents to support us in your absence. It has been invaluable to us to have the objective third party view of our challenges. You were very honest and didn’t hold back in giving us the clarity we needed to make new and productive decisions. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to get organizational clarity and accountability for their teams.

Carlos Ramirez, Jr., President, Colorado Countertops

Jerry is very knowledgeable, very experienced. We have tried several other consultants that have claimed to be able to resolve family dynamic concerns and they have failed. Jerry, you on the other hand, have really helped us.  You have been very productive in resolving family dynamic drama and most importantly, you have helped keep us on track. You have demonstrated how to be productive in meetings by helping us define conflict and develop solutions that fit with our resources. Also, most importantly you have been able to engage our majority owner to participate effectively in business and family decisions to really be the decision maker he needs to be for things to work.  I highly recommend you to any family business owner who needs support to work through family challenges while making a business successful. On a personal level you have really stepped up to be a mentor on my journey to be a president. You encouraging me to participate on a new level with positive family dynamics outside of business has had a huge impact on my life.

Jordan Jenks, Managing Partner, Gulf Coast Flooring

I was initially impressed with Jerry Llewellyn’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired him last month as a business consultant. During the time Jerry was consulting in our offices, he consistently demonstrated a knowledgeable and calming attitude. We feel Jerry’s attitude is upbeat and he always knows the best way to diffuse a situation.

As he committed to do, Jerry successfully delivered on his commitment to advise and guide our company as we position ourselves for growth. Organized and diligent, Jerry quickly learned terms about the flooring industry and our software, which had been unknown to him.

We, at Gulf Coast Flooring, feel we are in a much better position to meet the demands of the future due to Jerry’s business acumen. For this reason Jerry has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like.