Your help in finding the right sales leader gives us the opportunity to finally begin growing the company beyond our current customer base. After reading through all of the resumes as they came in, I was amazed at your ability to see through the fluff in the typical resume and select such high quality candidates.  I thank you for crafting the recruiting ad that attracted such capable people initially and your keen skill in separating out the cream for initial interviews.  All three of the candidates selected for a second interview could have fit well into the sales manager slot, but your insightful questions and analysis of the instinctual strengths and past performance of each candidate, made it possible for us to make an informed, clear and immediate choice with confidence for this important management team position.
With the addition of our new sales manager, I expect to easily exceed the growth projections we developed in August.  Again, I can’t thank you enough for helping us build the foundation we need to move the company into another exciting phase.