Jerry is very knowledgeable, very experienced. We have tried several other consultants that have claimed to be able to resolve family dynamic concerns and they have failed. Jerry, you on the other hand, have really helped us.  You have been very productive in resolving family dynamic drama and most importantly, you have helped keep us on track. You have demonstrated how to be productive in meetings by helping us define conflict and develop solutions that fit with our resources. Also, most importantly you have been able to engage our majority owner to participate effectively in business and family decisions to really be the decision maker he needs to be for things to work.  I highly recommend you to any family business owner who needs support to work through family challenges while making a business successful. On a personal level you have really stepped up to be a mentor on my journey to be a president. You encouraging me to participate on a new level with positive family dynamics outside of business has had a huge impact on my life.