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One of the easiest and best ways to improve productivity and performance is through quality training.

Business Whisperer’s comprehensive training programs are designed to take individuals and teams to the next level of performance. We provide discrete training individually as well as to collective groups. The topics we offer include:

  • Leadership Training – Creating True Leaders
  • Management and Supervision Training – A Comprehensive Performance Generating System
  • Team Management Training – Improving the Management Team Process
  • Effective Communication Training – Discovery Listening and Win/Win Communication
  • Collaboration Training – Creating Supportive Work Environments
  • Servant Leadership Training – Putting People First
  • Effective Recruitment Training – Hiring the Best People
  • Customer Service Training – Winning and Keeping the Confidence of Customers
  • Management Accounting Training – Knowing Your Numbers

We can also create custom training programs to suit the current needs of your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your staff and leadership grow and improve.

Leadership Training – Creating True Leaders

Leadership Training cultivates the qualities and functions of positive leadership. We define what makes a true leader – the characteristics of a leader and the outcomes that you would want from leadership. These key variables within leadership training can be customized for varying levels of leadership.

Leadership Training can be focused at the level of upper or mid-management and/or engaged with every supervisor. We also offer training in employee leadership, which develops and cultivates leadership qualities at every job and level within the company.

Management and Supervision Training – A Comprehensive Performance Generating System

Management and Supervision Training is very closely related to leadership.

Management is, you might say, the foundation of leadership. Management is the process of linking all the people, processes, and procedures together into a comprehensive performance generating system. Our management training thoroughly trains leaders in the process of optimizing results.

Supervision is the nuts and bolts of how to effectively manage the individual in front of you, with all their complications, complexities, and challenges, to achieve targeted measurable results.

The essence of supervision is helping an individual employee achieve success within the company. Through strong supervision, the employee should be able to perform in quantity and quality in accordance with very specific measurable outcomes and Key Performance Indicators.

Through Management and Supervision training, team leaders as well as their employees can be empowered to thrive.

Team Management Training – Improving the Management Team Process

In Team Management Training, we help leadership bring everyone fully to the table. Everyone on the team is coached to represent their role effectively, by title and function. With a more cohesive team, productivity, engagement, and morale improve.

We also train teams to think “outside the box” to support one another in solving problems.

To help the company’s interdepartmental system work more effectively, we teach creative problem-solving methods and knowledge integration strategies. These strategies can leverage the individual knowledge of team members for the good of the company as a whole.

Through effective problem identification in the management team process, team leaders can develop strategies and delegate responsibilities to implement solutions for the company.

Effective Communication Training – Discovery Listening and Win/Win Communication

Effective Communication Training includes the powerful topic of Discovery Listening. This unique training was mapped out from consultation with the California School of the Blind.

Discovery Listening encourages the deepening of the listening process for more effective communication. Through this training, people at all levels of an organization can learn to really listen effectively (with co-workers, supervisors, customers, vendors, etc.). Enhancing quality listening alone can increase the effectiveness of communication in a magnified way.

Win/Win Communication Training encourages people to relate to each other in a way that gives everyone mutual respect. This creates a framework through which we can talk more effectively with each other.

Collaboration Training – Creating Supportive Work Environments

Collaboration Training focuses on how team members can interface in such a way that key knowledge is freely shared.

The goal is to create a mutually supportive environment where team members can grow from the exchange of knowledge, and then use that shared knowledge in problem-solving.

The methodologies covered in this training are used to produce an improved product or service with an enhanced company system supporting it. For reaching both short- and long-range goals, the outcomes of Collaboration Training are extremely powerful.

Servant Leadership Training – Putting People First

Working in an environment managed under the principles of servant leadership is extremely attractive to employees, recruits, customers, and anyone observing from the outside or inside.

What is servant leadership?

Servant leadership is a company values system that is about putting people first. It is a very powerful system of understanding and includes:

  • How to put the team first.
  • How to be a servant (for success) to the people you employ or to those that report to you.
  • How to be a servant to your customers and clients so that you can provide the most value to the world.

Servant leadership properly executed improves the company’s reputation. It increases the brand’s pull in the marketplace, encourages development of talent, and uplifts bottom-line results. Worldwide studies confirm the dramatic positive impact on growth driven by valuing people first.

Effective Recruitment Training – Hiring the Best People

Effective recruitment training focuses on the recruiting interviewing process and how to get the right talent in the door. This includes:

  • How to effectively assess talent ahead of their hiring.
  • How to know whether a candidate’s driving instinctual patterns for success are a fit for the job.
  • How to ensure that the candidate is a “good fit” with the company culture as well as has the skillset and talent needed.
  • How to attract and land the right candidates.

The training is focused on increasing the quality and efficiency of recruiting. However, the impact is far reaching and long lasting, as increasing quality in recruitment will help improve productivity, morale, longevity, and bottom-line results.

Customer Service Training – Winning and Keeping the Confidence of Customers

Mastering quality customer service can mean the difference between success and failure.

Uplifting customer service to the highest level is a business necessity in today’s world. Building a reputation for happy and satisfied customers has proven to be a clear path for business success.

Keeping customers for repeat business is also important – particularly with the shift to digital marketing, social media, and the transparency that these technologies bring.

Because everyone can know “who you really are” with a click of button, bad experiences relayed on the web by dissatisfied customers can wreak havoc with sales.

Our customer service training is customized to meet your unique needs. It prepares your teams to succeed at the highest levels by effectively engaging and retaining customers in the customer success cycle.

Management Accounting Training – Knowing Your Numbers

Designed for non-financial managers, executives, and leaders, this training teaches the following:

  • How to clearly understand what the company’s financial numbers mean.
  • What a company leader should be looking for in the numbers.
  • What the key financial variables are for your company.
  • How to track and respond to any changes in those numbers that impact reaching company goals.

The concepts of creating financial dashboards, establishing key financial performance indicators, and integrating reporting systems will be also discussed in the group process. We teach you how to get to the numbers you really want for the company.

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