Profitability Consulting

Profitability Consulting2019-04-15T02:02:47-05:00

At Business Whisperer, profitability consulting is always central to what we do. There is no service or interaction that we provide where profitability isn’t a prominent consideration. How much something costs, how fast something can be done, how effectively communication takes place, how much revenue can be produced, how much performance can be improved, how to have consistent quality throughout – it all plays a part in developing a corporate culture of strong values towards accountability and profitability. Furthermore, ensuring that leadership honors the process of creating outcomes that directly impact the bottom line is key to creating success.

Profitability is a link in all of the services that Business Whisperer provides, and the link in all things that people do in an organization. There are very few functions that do not have some connection to the profitability chain. We help management teams, owners and their key employees focus on the essentials of what makes business work. The whole profitability chain is really a series of actions in sales management, performance management & improvement, and company leadership, and in the demonstration of values that people hold within the company. By tuning up all those things, you create a well-tuned system, which has profitability as a main product.

Profitability needs to be a central theme and focus throughout the company and everyone’s role needs to be understood in relation to it. It is the main scoreboard of business success – of winning the game of business. Clearly there are other outcomes and goals that are important in business – peace of mind, flexibility of an owner’s time, the ability to direct one’s life in a meaningful way – all those things are important. But at the end of the day, profitability is one of the most clear and well-defined score boards for whether we are succeeding at the game of business. At Business Whisperer, our job is to help owners and their teams produce a healthy profitability because there is so much you can do in life, and so much more you can do with a company that has healthy profitability. No matter whether we are focused on sales management, performance improvement, the culture throughout the company, or on leadership development, business analysis, or HR & Recruitment – whether it is a family business or not – in every way, we are always supporting and keeping a pulse on the profitability of the company.

Depending on your needs, we might be consulting with you regarding team performance, strategic planning, organizational change, or sales management, etc. but make no mistake, much of what we are really doing is profitability consulting. We have rarely completed a project that didn’t have at least a 2 to 1 payback in profit within one year for the dollars spent on our time there. See Our Guarantee.

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