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At Business Whisperer, we help companies optimize the contribution of their Human Resources function.

With our help in building and expanding HR leadership, a company can become increasingly effective at managing people for success – to achieve bottom-line, top line, and every other desired measurable objective.

For this to happen, we can help uplift Human Resources to a new level of contribution in the company.

Human Resources Optimization

Optimizing Human Resources is about cultivating leadership.

The functions of HR include a lot of different tasks that are administrative in nature. These diverse responsibilities have to be implement correctly, and include:

  • Administering employee benefits.
  • Instituting and implementing policies and procedures.
  • Addressing EEOC concerns.
  • Managing performance appraisals.
  • Enacting disciplinary procedures.
  • Facilitating orientation and training of people.
  • Recruiting the right talent.

For many companies, a fresh, broad-spectrum view needs to be taken to lift Human Resources to a new level of contribution in a company.

If HR only stays at the level of an administrative function, then you will miss a leadership opportunity. For those companies with the need, we can expand current HR leadership to be able to coach and train individuals throughout the organization to become better supervisors and individual performers in every department, at every job.

The Dual Advocacy Framework

By leveraging both sides of the HR management equation – the employee’s wellbeing and success, as well as the goals and objectives of the company – for those companies with a need, we train your current team to optimize HR to become a driver of company success, not just an overhead expense.

First, we review advocacy for the employee side, which is for HR to support each employee in their personal achievement of success within the company.

We then look at your company’s performance and protection, and to coach your HR team to support company objectives in clear and effective communication both with the employee and with the employee’s manager.

In this way, the HR Manager becomes a coach to both sides of the equation, a true leader for the company’s success. Through this dual advocacy, your enhanced, trained HR team can achieve targeted goals: the results the company needs and happy and high performing employees.

Enhanced Policies and Procedures

Improved policies and procedures can be developed within the dual advocacy framework to ensure that each employee has clarity about how to succeed.

Policies and procedures then become a layer of effective communication with an employee, so that they know how to operate successfully within the company.

For example, even disciplinary procedures should be executed in a way that is supportive of a person pulling out of the disciplinary process and into success. This leadership mindset should surround execution of all Human Resources initiatives.

Rock-Solid Recruiting

In building a rock-solid methodology for recruitment, we focus on finding people that fit with the company’s unique culture.

Ideally, your new recruits will be really good culture fit and have the talents and skillset to match the goals of the company. Orienting and training these “good fit” people becomes a success generator.

Create HR Leadership Success

The key to increasing the contribution value of Human Resources is to advance leadership and quality. Then, not only can you recruit and train the right talent, you can support that talent over a period of time by leveraging both sides of the HR management equation.

At Business Whisperer, we are experts in optimizing Human Resources departments. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your company.