Family Business

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A significant part of the heart of American business is family business – typically people who have bootstrapped their business with their blood, sweat, and tears; who have pulled together as a family to create and keep the business going; and parents that want to create a legacy and opportunity for their children and grandchildren to have better lives and prosper as the business continues through the generations. This type of history and motivations are common to family business owners.

The Challenge of Family Business

The critical variable for family business is to be able to handle their family dynamics and at the same time be able to handle the challenging business demands that any business owner would have – such as issues of performance improvement, productivity, accountability, effective communication and making a healthy profit. All the things that are true of any business are made more challenging and complicated by family dynamics that may have nothing to do with business whatsoever.

Balancing family considerations with business structure is always an issue and clarifying roles is key to sorting that out. Understanding what does and doesn’t work in the family as well as what does and doesn’t work in the business is also key. Then to integrate those understandings into a unified whole, so that family and business needs are both met, is a challenge.

Family Business Consulting

Only an individualized approach to family business consulting will work. In creating a path by which family members can prosper individually and as a whole, Business Whisperer looks respectfully and carefully at the needs of all involved; and then determines how to make those needs work within the structure of a business that has to operate with delegation, authority, communication and accountability. That being said, it is one step at a time to analyze the situation and find pathways where you can align family members around a unified purpose so that all agree on where the business is going and who is doing what.

Consulting Tools

Family Business Consultant Jerry Llewellyn specializes in family-owned-business mediation, conflict resolution, succession planning, family business governance, as well as traditional consulting services such as strategic planning, organizational change, and developing systems and processes for continuous quality improvement. But the foundation of it all is effective communication, including effective communication training, within the family and with key employees. Whether in the governing body or executive leadership, all business processes and communication need to be tuned up to have a quality outcome and harmony in a family business.

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