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proven sales management strategiesAt Business Whisperer, we support your sales management efforts with highly effective strategies that are proven to rapidly increase both top and bottom line results. Business Whisperer offers sales training programs from sales leadership to sales recruiting, from team effectiveness to customer satisfaction.

Sales management is obviously one of the most important functions in your company, but it can be frequently misunderstood. Ask yourself the following questions:



Are you able to take your sales leadership to the next level?

Are you producing a solid mix of high performers and consistent performers?

Have you created a sales team process that maximizes top line revenue and profitability?

Is every team member on the same page, focusing on achievable robust sales goals they are committed to reaching?

Do you have solid sales methods and team processes that produce consistent results?

Turning any “no” answers into a “yes” is the scope of our work.

The Challenge of Effective Sales Management 

Frequently, companies often promote their very best salesperson to sales manager. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t work out well. Even though they can close sales themselves, a top sales producer may not have the leadership attributes that are required of a sales manager. Leading a team is quite different from being able to close sales. Being able to close sales, while important, is not the end all be all for effective sales management.

Our Sales Management Improvement Process

Looking at leadership is just part of what we do as a business consultant when we partner with you to improve sales management. We look at your sales function holistically, from the on-the-ground account executives to the customer support teams helping ensure customer satisfaction.

Sales Leadership

The ability, skill, and knowledge to lift up salespeople and help them improve are essential.  Both natural ability and acquired learning are required to produce competency and then excellence in sales management. Good sales managers know how to support and train their staff, and also when to weed out those who are not showing signs of needed improvement. Both are part of the process of true sales management – which is needed to obtain optimal results. Through our management consulting, we train and coach sales managers and sales teams to achieve the next level of performance.

Team Effectiveness

Sales are not created in a vacuum. If your sales team is going gangbusters, but your fulfillment is broken, your business is in serious trouble.

As a small and mid sized business consultant, we work to review the effectiveness of your team processes in sales. This includes customer service, administrative support, and the connection between sales and fulfillment. Cooperation among departments has to be coordinated in a meaningful, productive way.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the final outcome of any successful sales cycle. By tracking customer satisfaction, management can ensure that all sales-related processes are aligned in the entire system. Customer satisfaction – what we now call customer success – should be one of the main goals of sales management.

Sales Recruiting

In order to have a top-performing sales team, you must have effective recruiting to hire the right people. Every seat in a sales department is worth a certain amount of money, depending on your industry and goals. You need to have people in those seats that can achieve the desired goals. Otherwise, you are wasting both time and money. Effective sales recruiting is essential because it lays the foundation for training and coaching. With the right people, you can create a mindset for achieving desired results. Our work includes sharing our secrets of effective sales recruitment.

An Environment of Success

Lastly, creating an environment that supports every team member is an important ongoing process. People who really enjoy coming into work will bring that enthusiasm to the sales process, and the customers will know the difference.


Achieve More with Better Sales Management

Through the process of effective sales management, we can help take your business to the next level. With the right talent – and the right systems to maximize the output of that talent – your business can grow and thrive. See our Reviews/Testimonials on what we have accomplished for other companies. At Business Whisperer, we want to see your team be its best. Contact us today to discuss how our management consulting can help.


proven sales management strategies

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