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Businesses that are profitable are more likely to stay in business – it’s that simple.

Although defining “profit” is easy (income less expenses is a positive number), the process of achieving, maintaining, and improving profitability is more complex. At Business Whisperer, we understand that the concept of being profitable is tightly woven into everything you do (and don’t do) on a daily basis. Our profitability consulting helps you look at the many functions within your company that directly or indirectly impact your bottom line:

  • Sales management
  • Performance management and improvement
  • Company leadership
  • Demonstration of values within the company

The degree to which you tune up the components of the profitability chain determines the degree to which your overall business system will be profitable.


A Focus on Profit

At Business Whisperer, our profitability consulting helps teams, owners and their key employees focus on the essentials of what makes business profitable. We consider how cost, speed, quality, effective communication, and performance improvement all play a part in developing a corporate culture of accountability and profitability. Whether an owner chooses to run their business with a vague focus on profit, or is driven to set and meet robust profit goals, profitability is a business requirement that cannot be ignored.


Profit as a Measure of Success

Business owners often use profitability as the primary measure of business success. Although there are other business outcomes and goals that are important, such as peace of mind, time flexibility, and life purpose, profitability is the most objective and well-defined scoreboard for business success or failure.

As your small or mid sized business consultant, we help you and your teams produce a healthy profitability that contributes to your overall well-being and quality of life. When we focus on sales management, performance improvement, company culture, leadership development, business analysis, or HR and recruitment, we ultimately impact profitability in a positive way.


Profitability Consulting Brings Results

We have rarely completed a project that didn’t have at least a 2:1 payback in profit within one year for the dollars spent on our time with the company. See Our Guarantee.

If you’re looking for profitability growth like we have helped other clients achieve, don’t wait!  Contact us today for profitability consulting that will turn your business around. The health of your business may depend on it.

profitability consulting with Jerry

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