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No matter how much challenge you are facing today, unless you have waited too long and the ship is already going down, there is always a way out. Even if you have been bogged down in fear, disappointment and frustration with poor results for years, opportunity for progress can always be found: New goals can be set; new methods and strategies defined; and new mindsets coached, trained and installed to create vibrant performance improvement for any company.

The presenting symptoms may not be the root cause of the problem. During the initial Business Analysis, we find the root causes that led to your current situation. Then by facing and tackling the root causes, by seeing clearly where you are today and where you want to be, and by creating strategies to get there – all kinds of things can shift towards greater peace of mind for your business.

Our Results

Our work with clients results in increased accountability, productivity, efficiency, profitability, quality, and growth. We focus on building performance from the inside out. At Business Whisperer, performance improvement is about the individuals, teams, and the company as a whole. Our methodologies are mapped from proven business technologies of the world’s greatest companies, and then scaled and customized to meet the individual needs of your company.

Our Performance Improvement Methodologies

1. Identifying Areas for Improvement

In the discovery phase of our Business Analysis process, we ask:  Where is performance improvement required? What are the goals? What level of improvement is required in order to meet those goals? What is in the way?

We support our clients to set in place new or clarified goals with objectives and strategies to meet these new expectations, whether at an individual, team, or company-wide level.

2. Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Once we have a clear picture of where you want to go, we make sure the work flow created by your organization’s structure matches the functional needs of the company. We match employee talent to the demands of each job, and install job descriptions with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) focusing on people, performance, and profit. We utilize group processes to ensure employee buy-in and  to harness the enthusiasm of the team.

3. Aligning People with Your Vision
The heart of the matter is making sure that people are aligned with your company’s vision, mission, and goals. Our 30 plus years’ experience has shown that performance improvement occurs when individuals and teams are focused on the priority goals of the company and committed to doing what it takes to get there. We coach and train both individuals and teams for maximizing goal attainment. Building a company culture for high performance is a planned and intentional effort. We help you do that.

4. Committing to Continual Quality Improvement
Creating a solid performance improvement process that achieves critical performance benchmarks over time is a requirement for any company to stay on the cutting edge today. The foundation for CQI is creating effective leadership at all levels of the company. By cultivating a mindset of continual quality improvement among your leaders and team members, we help you create an environment in your business where proactive performance improvement becomes part of your corporate DNA.

5. Training
Training is often an essential ingredient for performance improvement. Business Whisperer offers a wide variety of training that can be custom designed to your unique needs for individuals, teams, or your company as a whole. Our training programs include:

Leadership Training – Creating True Leaders

Management and Supervision Training – A Performance Generating System

Team Management Training – Improving the Management Team Process

Effective Communication Training – Listening and Win/Win Communication

Collaboration Training – Creating Supportive Work Environments

Servant Leadership Training – Putting People First

Effective Recruitment Training – Hiring the Best People

Customer Service Training – Winning and Keeping the Confidence of Customers

Management Accounting Training – Knowing Your Numbers

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Performance Improvement Can Transform Your Business

At Business Whisperer, we believe all companies should continually invest in performance improvement. Freedom from fear, worry, doubt, frustration, and disappointment is possible when intelligent performance improvement happens. With our help, not only is the effort worth it, but also today’s rapidly changing marketplace requires it. Contact us today to discuss how we can help improve performance at your company.

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"Jerry you have brought my business to life. You REALLY are the business whisperer!” - William Tuell, CEO, Saturn Returns LLC

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