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According to some management surveys, more than 75% of the success of any individual in a company is due to the quality of relationship that employee has with his/her supervisor. Whether or not that number is accurate, no one denies the importance of the supervisory relationship.

Because developing leaders is an essential cornerstone of success, we at Business Whisperer offer leadership training and executive coaching for effective leadership throughout the organization. Business Whisperer’s leadership development program offers both individual and team training.


The Business Whisperer Leadership Development Process

Individual Leadership Training and Executive Coaching

 Driving quality leadership among supervisors and their circle of influence is where rubber meets the road for the highest impact that a company can make for/ with/ through its employees. While natural leaders do exist,  all individuals can benefit from leadership training. That is not to say that everyone is leader material.  Just because someone is good at a certain task, doesn’t mean he/she is cut out to supervise others doing that task. The first step in the training process is to determine that each individual has been placed in a position where their talent and abilities match the task.

 In our coaching process, we often ask leaders:

If you were free to do so, what adjustments would you make to your role so that you could contribute at your highest level to the success of the company?

What changes do you think the company could make that would improve personal, team, or organizational performance?

What is in the way of your having your desired business life? What solutions do you see to overcoming the obstacles?

What is needed for you to become the leader you desire to be?


 Every high performing athlete in any sport has a coach. The reason for this is that in order to improve performance, everyone requires their performance have an objective view, with professional unattached recommendations. This process is confidential and personalized. As neutral third parties, we are able to provide a level of perspective that is often difficult to attain from people inside the business.

 The Business Whisperer coaching and mentoring process allows for the knowledge and skills required to be an effective leader to be developed in live company meetings with real tasks and agendas and priorities. These leadership skills are both demonstrated and and developed through an adult learning strategy that works at all levels of the company


 Group Leadership Training and Development


Knowledge Sharing

In today’s rapidly changing world, increasing the knowledge assets of a company is one of the key things that company leadership can do to ensure success. Knowledge integration is a focus and mindset that says “we are more empowered as a team than as a collection of isolated individuals”. In other words, we are more empowered by downloading quality relevant knowledge into a larger circle than we are keeping it isolated.

 Knowledge sharing is best suited for organizations with a company culture of trust, camaraderie and a “we are in this together” mindset. Unfortunately, and especially in companies with highly competitive cultures, knowledge sections are often hidden from the larger group. Individuals and their pockets of needed information become isolated in “silos” rather than being shared.

 We help you create a knowledge integration process where the important elements of knowledge in a company are shared in a wider pool. Our goal is to help people grow and become excited and energized about their exchange of information. This shared information can lead to better problem solving, and better problem solving leads to action steps taken to attain higher levels of achievement. The embracing of knowledge sharing/ integration can significantly uplift company culture as well as overall performance.

 Furthermore, during group training/ meetings, measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be developed and written around specific leadership achievement items. Then, the process of the team leadership can be bolted together to create specific outcomes that the company is committed to achieve.


Management Team Development


In addition to group leadership training, our work in a company is often focused on supporting and improving the management team.


We look at these questions as benchmarks:

How well is the management team function?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team?

What could be done to improve the team’s effectiveness?

What collaborative team processes can we develop that would help to share/integrate the knowledge of key team members?

 Answering these questions effectively, with our support, can pay huge dividends in achieving targeted results.


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