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With Human Resources consulting from Business Whisperer, we can help you get the most out of your investment in your existing people, and help you build a team for a stronger future. From cultivating HR leadership and formulating competitive incentive plans, to recruitment methodology designed to find the people that best fit your unique needs, criteria, and culture, Business Whisperer can help uplift human capital to a new level of contribution in your company.

A successful business is built on the foundation of recruitment – attracting and hiring a team of talented individuals who can take the business to new levels of achievement. Just as recruiting the right players can create a winning sports team, knowing how to recruit the right talent can thrust a business ahead of its competitors and help it achieve monumental success. Finding the right talent includes seeking out team players whose values, motivations, ethics, and skills fit the needs and ideals of the company and its culture.

The components of recruitment are as follows:

Recruitment Solicitation:

Knowing exactly what the company wants and needs

Identifying key performance indicators for job success

Writing accurate job descriptions

Creating effective ads for attracting qualified candidates

Placing recruitment ads on the appropriate job boards

Screening and Interviewing

Screening candidates for appropriate qualifications and disqualifications

Interviewing selected qualified candidates by phone and assessing past performance as an indicator for future success

Select candidates for face to face interviews

Interviewing candidates in person and further assessing their potential value to the company

On-boarding and Hiring

Select final candidates

Making appropriate incentive plans for salary, compensation, and other benefits

Send offer letter for signature and confirmation

Business Whisperer can coach a company to become more effective in all components of recruitment. Or, Business Whisperer can assist with direct recruiting projects for any selected positions, especially in developing the company management team.


For recruitment support, call us at Austin 512-400-2801 | Houston 832-940-9568 | Dallas 469-436-6700.

Utilizing 30+ years of direct HR leadership, Business Whisperer provides vision, training, program outlines, policies, and procedures that can turn a non-existent or sluggish HR department into a risk-reducing, performance-boosting asset.

A strong HR department can provide a company the following:

Strategic Planning Leadership –HR provides critical feedback for organizational development issues, clarification of roles, and the development of a staffing plan to coordinate with company growth and change.

Organizational Development –  Solid HR leadership can support a company in short and mid-range changes to ensure the organizational structure and available talent is a match to the functional needs of the company.

Recruitment – HR plays a vital role in recruiting and retaining talented individuals with the knowledge, skills, and values that fit the company’s unique needs and culture

Orientation & Training –  Quality HR leadership provides an employee centered, outcome driven orientation program for new employees and continued on-the-job training to foster rapid growth of skills and competency.

Supervisory/Management Coaching & Training –  Skilled HR staff support supervisors, managers, and executive team leaders in understanding and executing effective management processes and techniques.

Employee Problem Resolution –Serving as liaisons between management and employees, HR leaders help balance employee rights with the company’s need for performance and results, often providing conflict resolution and proactive solutions to predictable problems before they occur.

Policy & Procedure Development –Skilled HR leaders are the “knowledge experts” of the quality policies and procedures that are the backbone of a well-run company, assisting other departments and individual team members in the interpretation and implementation of them.

Job Descriptions & Performance Evaluations – The HR department assists in creating detailed job descriptions that outline duties, responsibilities, and Key Performance Indicators needed to demonstrate job proficiency. These descriptions are then used as the basis for on-the-job training programs and periodic employee performance evaluations.

Disciplinary Procedures & Coaching Up or Coaching Out –HR supports each department in providing a path to success for any employee willing and able to follow it. If an employee is unable to prove acceptable performance over time, HR assists management in conducting safe and effective employment termination procedures.

Administrative HR Functions – A strong HR department effectively manages payroll, benefits communication and administration, confidential personnel records, and compensation analysis. Or, it accesses this information provided by other departments, such as Accounting, to facilitate company-wide planning, organizational development, and problem solving.

When properly developed, a strong HR Department can provide a boost in performance productivity and quality while helping to build a corporate culture of success. For HR support call us at Austin 512-400-2801 | Houston 832-940-9568 | Dallas 469-436-6700.

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