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What is Corporate Culture? Corporate or organizational culture is made up of a company’s expectations, experiences, philosophy, management style, and the values that hold it together. This culture is expressed in the company’s self-image, internal communications and interactions, its interface with the outside world, and it’s expectations for the future.


corporate culture development

The Benefits of a Strong Corporate Culture

It has been proven without doubt that companies with strong corporate cultures are more successful than those without. In fact, having a strong corporate culture has been proven to be both an indicator and a predictor of success and failure. Companies that focus on creating work environments where employees feel empowered, respected, valued and encouraged, drive significantly higher revenues and profit margins than other companies.

While the hip tech company with the employee game room (complete with foosball table) may have become a bit of a cliché these days, it speaks to an important cultural shift. Employees aren’t just content to go home with a paycheck. They want to feel like they are part of something, something larger than themselves. Corporate culture has become a critical part of business success in the 21st century, and is considered one of the most fundamentally powerful forces in the world of business.

In the book, Firms of Endearment, the authors describe a recent worldwide study which shows that companies that have strong commitments to values and to people, have the highest levels of profitability and growth of all companies worldwide.

In other words, by creating a strong corporate culture, not only will your employees be happier, but also your company will grow and thrive.


Our Culture Development Process

As your business consultant, we help leaders of companies of all types and sizes make their corporate culture as strong as possible. We help leaders to clarify and promote company values that are true to themselves, values that they can commit to and live as their own

Corporate Culture Review

To strengthen your organization’s culture, we start with a review of your  company’s culture as it is now. We identify its strengths and weaknesses, and also look at the attitudes, mindsets, and values that are operating.

What are the thoughts, energy, and resources that have created and are maintaining your corporate culture? Does your corporate culture just sort of happen or is it intentional, planned, and executed consistently? Has the Vision, Mission, and Values of the President/ CEO made its way into the hearts, minds, and actions of the employees? Is high performance and cooperation a commonly shared value? Does your company have a supportive atmosphere where employees share knowledge and brainstorm together or are they competitively silo’ed off from one another? Have a few disgruntled employees managed to dominate the atmosphere, or even the thinking or actions of the majority?

Knowledge Integration

Through a process we call knowledge integration, we ask you and your Management Team: What are you really about? What do you want to be about? What are you committed to being about?

Only when your commitment to values, vision, and mission are fully clarified, can you begin to transform the company culture.

Values, Vision, and Mission

After we clarify the values, vision, and mission of your company, we help you create a strategic plan to communicate and promote them throughout your organization. Frequently, these elements are not fully clarified or expressed in a company. They may exist only in the mind of the owner or a key executive, but that is not the same as being in the minds of all leaders, managers, or employees. Finding ways your company can embody its values, vision, and mission is a critical part of culture development.

corporate culture development

Need Help Developing a Strong Corporate Culture?


It is a proven fact that people are more productive and more satisfied in their work when they feel connected to a purpose – a vision, mission, and values – that is larger than themselves. Getting individuals and teams aligned and pulling together – building strong, resilient, and powerful corporate cultures – is our work as your business consultant.

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