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A business analysis by Business Whisperer includes identification of problems and the development of actionable plans to solve them. It is the foundational step of all meaningful initiatives to improve the company, without which you are just shooting in the dark hoping you will hit the target. In order for a business analysis to be truly impactful, it needs to be based on current and correct information that has been analyzed, organized, and understood. While we at Business Whisperer have a basic framework for each business analysis we do, each consultation is custom designed for the unique needs and challenges of each client. We never do cookie cutter processes or solutions. The net effect of business analysis is to create a clear path to overcome the original problems, as well as to address additional concerns that come to light during the analysis. Having an objective third party is very helpful in identifying problems and developing strategies to solve them.

Our Business Analysis Process

Clarity: Identify the Problem

First, it is essential to clearly identify not only the details of the presenting problems, but also any related concerns or obstacles to achieving your targeted goals. At Business Whisperer, we know that this deep dive into clarity must be conducted to determine the root causes of any restrictions. During this phase, we might also prioritize concerns and problems. Due to time and budget constraints, it might make sense to focus on one critical area first before tackling lots of other concerns. By doing so, resources can be freed up and opportunities presented that may make it much easier to tackle the other problems down the line.

Discovery: Determine the Root Cause

Next, a discovery process is conducted to determine the root causes of the problem(s). If you can drill down and find out the root causes, then you can begin to ask the right questions:

If this is where we are, where do we need/want to be?

How can we get from here to there?

Are there any opportunities we might be missing?

 Solution: Solving the Problem(s)

Finally, we work with you and your team in a collaborative, creative problem solving process to determine effective, doable actions which can create the desired results. Over time, we periodically assess how effective these solutions are, and fine tune them as necessary to keep moving toward the goal.


Our Business Analysis is Thorough and Comprehensive

In our thorough business analysis process, depending on the need of the company, we might look at all functional areas of a company, covering more than 130 business variables – or we might look at just one or more departments, such as sales, operations, staffing and human resources, accounting-administrative functions, and corporate culture. Of course, we typically review the bottom-line and top-line results, and all the indicators of financial health. We are essentially taking the vital signs of the company to determine what is working and what isn’t. Each step is conducted in an objective and confidential manner.

Our clients have achieved tremendous positive change through our efforts, and we can make a difference for your company as well.

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