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Why Do I Call Myself a Business Whisperer?

Why do I call myself a business whisperer? I do most everything that any other business consultant does to improve a business. I do business analysis, strategic planning, change management, and more.

But the foundation of business is people. There is chemistry between people that can go sour. Or, it can raise a business up to new glorious heights.

Since I got started as a consultant, I have always been able to generate substantial profits for my clients. But I have observed over time that the more I have concentrated on improving the people problems – communication, accountability, and commitment – the more my clients’ profits have increased. You cannot really consider what I do the “soft side” of business and certainly not “touchy feely,” because everything I do is to “make real results happen.”

By understanding the underlying driving patterns that affect performance and communication, we can transform a business. This includes the […]

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