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What we do: We look past the ordinary into the sometimes hidden or unseen variables that influence the behavior and the results of companies, leveraging our knowledge of proven business systems, methods, and processes, and bring forward the natural strengths of all key players to produce dynamic results in people, performance, and profit.

Job Description of a Business Whisperer

1. Excels at calming, coaching, and training hard to manage team members using non-coercive methods based especially on an understanding of the principles of motivation and the person’s natural instincts.

2. Listens deeply and discovers the often unseen or hidden root causes of problems within companies using confidential and non-coercive methods using what works and what doesn’t work in the hard (objective) and the soft (subjective) sides of business.

3. Resolves difficult personnel issues with non-coercive methods, whenever possible, creating solutions that result in stronger organization structure and performance, and that proactively prevent re-occurrence of the problems in the future.

4. Leveraging an understanding of human motivation and instincts, builds highly efficient and productive organization structure, systems, methods, and processes, matching the right talent with the right motivation and the right instinctual strength to the right job.

5. Integrates the hard and soft sides of business to create a unity and strength that is greater than the sum of its parts, that translates into uplifting people, performance and profit.

6. Weaves diverse elements of business methods, diverse teams, and diverse individuals together into alignment, into an integrated whole for business success.

7. Integrates the matters of the heart with the matters of the mind, creating clarity, such that the mind becomes the servant of the dictates of the heart.

8. Listens to, understands and integrates the driving force of the heart of the business, its people – their motivations, their intelligence, and their spirit – and channels this powerful current down proven pathways (systems, methods, and processes) to success, like a river flowing down its banks to the sea.

Jerry’s Story

For over 35 years, Jerry Llewellyn has made the upliftment of people, performance, and profit his business – and his passion. He began his career in sales in the printing industry while volunteering with a United Way agency, soon becoming the Director there and the president of the regional Interagency Council which brought goods and services to the poor, effecting meaningful change in three counties. As the Director of the local agency, he launched a medical clinic-pharmacy-community services center started with volunteer physicians and which continues to this day, 35 years later. Continuing in other medically underserved areas, he launched in all five other medical clinics before catching the attention of Life Care Centers of America, the largest proprietary nursing home company in the world.

Life Care Centers of America invited Jerry to launch their first national HR department. He developed a national system of performance management and policies & procedures, and managed the national HR functions for 8,000 employees. He replicated what he did for LCCA for Regency Healthcare, developing their national human resources system, and became also their VP of Ancillary Medical Services. He then was invited to join an entrepreneurial start-up in ancillary medical service programs as VP Operations and VP of HR, generating 500+ service contracts in 3 years.

During these assignments, Jerry developed high quality seminars conducted on national levels on performance management & supervision, labor relations & employee relations, leadership, and sales & customer service. He is known for being able to bring out the best in people. People who have worked under his mentorship have become national leaders of well-known successful healthcare enterprises.

Jerry developed a regional start-up business for Pinnacle Rehabilitation, from $0 revenue to $10,000,000 in sales in two years, with an annualized $2,000,000 in pre-tax net; from 0 to 174 employees. Jerry handled full sales and general management responsibilities, and after four years, this enterprise was dropping $4,000,000 plus to the bottom line, with over 300 staff. During this run, Jerry closed and managed sales on accounts from $500,000 to $5,000,000+.

After reimbursement changes caused a shift in the industry, Jerry launched his consulting career with an international consulting company, who flew him around the continental US and Canada to do organizational development and strategic planning for clients in a wide spectrum of industries. Jerry personally developed the strategic planning model that was used as the corporate model for training more than 400 consultants across the country.

Jerry says:

“After years of supporting business owners and CEO’s in managing challenges and handling explosive growth, I woke up one day and realized that I was simply born to do this work. I am able to go in and see everything that is going on in a business operation with the people, the teams, the productivity and so on. I can’t help it; I am just built this way. This work of seeing, creative problem-solving and installing solutions for positive change has become my life’s work.”

Jerry started his own consulting firm in 2005. He has been able to integrate his large enterprise experience with its tools, systems and processes, and scale them for use by mid-size and small business ventures. This has made him uniquely capable of uplifting people, performance and profits for his clients.

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