Management Consulting for Performance Improvement and Profitability

Attain PEACE OF MIND for your Business

Management Consultant for Performance Improvement and Profitability

Attain PEACE OF MIND for your Business

Is PEACE OF MIND For Your Business Really Possible?

You own your own business, and you grind it out every day. You’re the first to clock in – and the last person out the door at night.

So, are you thriving or just treading water? What is it that you REALLY want?

In our many decades of experience working with business owners, there are Five Things that clients consistently say they want:

Control of Business

Undue Risk Avoidance

Time Flexibility

Profitability and/or Controlled Growth

All Culminating into ONE thing:  Alleviation of Negative Stress, or as we like to say, PEACE OF MIND.


Hire a Local, Seasoned Business Consultant Who Can Help You Realize Actual Performance Improvement.

Targeted performance improvement of people, systems, and structure is the path that business owners can take to achieve these Five Things – and finally achieve that coveted PEACE OF MIND.

That’s the outcome you get with the Business Whisperer. And we stand behind that with our Payback Guarantee. We guarantee at least a 2 to 1 payback in profit within one year for the dollars spent on our time there – a 2 to 1 payback by the end of one year.

Clients just like you have happily benefited from our small and mid sized business consultant services to attain solutions to problems that had been unmanageable prior to our intervention. Call us to learn how we can serve you and your company and find out how you can attain Peace of Mind for your business.


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We Cover an Array of Services for Your Business

performance improvement consulting

Performance Improvement

Successful Performance Improvement needs be sustainable; otherwise it is simply failure punctuated with moments of recovery.

Our secret to achieving sustainable Performance Improvement? We work with you to focus on building performance from the inside out. Our work with clients results in sustained increased accountability, productivity, efficiency, profitability, quality, and growth.

sales management training

Sales Management

Your business relies on sales. Guaranteed – you spend time measuring sales – but not nearly enough time understanding sales management. We understand the importance of sound sales management efforts and work with you to implement highly effective strategies proven to rapidly increase both top and bottom line results.

Our process can help take your business (and your sales) to the next level.

profitability consulting with Jerry

Profit Consulting

Profitability integrates into all things. That’s exactly why you’ve probably thought about improving profitability in some way, shape, or form every single day; and exactly why Profitability Consulting weaves into every single service that Business Whisperer provides.

We help management teams, owners, and key employees focus on the essentials of what makes business work – and doesn’t work.

planned organizational change

Organizational Change

No two words strike more fear into a business culture than Organizational Change. But change is a constant in businesses today. Organizational Change could (and should) be embraced – not feared.

Proactive organizational development via strategic plans and planned change management is paramount to business success and even to employee and business growth. At Business Whisperer, we take the fear out of Organizational Change.

business analysis with Jerry

Business Analysis

A phenomenal business analysis should include the identification of problems and the development of actionable plans to solve them. Analysts look at graphs, spreadsheets, and processes. A phenomenal Business Analyst will also take the time to listen and learn.

A business analysis needs to be based on current and correct information that has been analyzed, organized, and understood. That’s why you need to hire not just a business analyst, but an experienced business listener – like the Business Whisperer.

leadership development

Leadership Development

“Leaders are born – not raised,” said absolutely no successful business manager ever.

Developing leaders is an essential cornerstone of your company’s success. Business Whisperer offers leadership training and executive coaching for effective leadership throughout the organization. Want to see your business thrive? Offer your talent a path to grow and place to shine – and watch your business growth take flight.

human resources and recruitment

Human Resources & Recruitment

With success comes growth, and growth means more work, more employees, and more stress and strain onto your Human Resources and Recruitment department.

We can help you in two important ways. We can help you get the most out of your investment in your existing people, and help you recruit and build a team for a stronger future. Growth does not have to hurt. We can help.

management consulting helps with defining corporate culture

Corporate Culture

Does your Corporate Culture exist solely on paper or is it actually in practice?

At Business Whisperer, we help leaders of companies of all types and sizes define their corporate culture, and then work to make it as strong as possible. Through our management consulting, we help leaders to clarify and promote company values that are true to themselves, values that they can commit to, and values they live as their own.

Develop a strong Corporate Culture from concept to reality with our help and know how.

business and management consulting for family business

Family Business

The reality is that being part of a family can be hard – but being part of a family business can take it to Next Level Hard.

Hiring a seasoned, objective family business consultant can be instrumental in helping members communicate, clarifying what is needed, and identifying roles and best processes. We find ways for members to express emotions and use words in constructive manner, clarifying that point of view, and encouraging listening.

As a small and mid sized business consultant, Business Whisperer has bravely worked with Family Businesses since 2003. Our testimonials reflect our remarkable success in helping family businesses.

business and management consulting for family businesses

Small Business

We know your revenue may be only 2 million to 10 million per year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford a Small Business Consultant. In fact, we think you can’t afford to NOT hire one. 

At Business Whisperer, we understand that being small doesn’t always equate to being simple, however. Our small business consulting services will help you overcome the challenges you face today, while setting you up for a profitable future.

Our Payback Guarantee

We challenge you to find anyone who offers a 2 to 1 payback in profit within one year – because that’s what WE do, because that’s how good WE are.


what Jerry can do for your business with management consulting

Our Payback Guarantee

We challenge you to find anyone who offers a 2 to 1 payback in profit within one year – because that’s what WE do, because that’s how good WE are.


What Jerry can do for you with management consulting

Our Customer Stories

"Jerry created systems and organizational processes that freed up my time and allowed me to work on the business instead of so much in the business. This allowed us to double in size in the last four years! I highly recommend Jerry Llewellyn to any professional or business owner wanting to become more successful."

Scott Brown, Founder & Managing Partner of Scott Brown & Associates, Attorneys at Law

"Last year we basically broke-even or lost a little. We have been that way for the last fifteen years. This year using the initiatives and plans developed with by Jerry Llewellyn with only a few weeks to go in this year we expect a 72% annual revenue increase with over 15 % net profit! Now we are really on a roll"

Roger Blaine, CEO, Blaine Heating & Air Conditioning


"From a solid foundation of an organization structure that Jerry helped us build, we have been able to grow from $6 Million in 2013 to $18 Million in 2017. This rapid growth would have been impossible without the organization structure that Jerry helped us build."


Rick Vavro, Owner, Austin Underground

management consulting with Jerry
“Jerry you have brought my business to life. You REALLY are the business whisperer!” – William Tuell, CEO, Saturn Returns LLC

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