Management Consulting for Performance Improvement and Profitability

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Why Business Whisperer

Business Whisperer is founded by Jerry Llewellyn, who is himself both a management consultant and a business whisperer. A “whisperer” is someone whose extensive knowledge and experience in their field is augmented by uncommon insight into instinct and motivation. Because Jerry is able to work effectively with the most challenging and troubling situations, and succeed where others have failed, it can seem as if he has a sixth sense about the root causes of problems and their solutions. While Jerry’s insight is aided by natural talent, it is also born of years of experience.

Jerry has been a management consultant for sixteen years preceded by substantial corporate executive leadership experience. He has a deep understanding of business principles and is well grounded in best practices. He is also the most experienced employee management professional you will ever meet. He has consistently developed successful company performance plans for continuous employee and process improvement through better performance management. Clients frequently tell him they had utilized other business consultants before him, and none had been as helpful as he with their core problems. See Reviews/Testimonials to get a better idea of Jerry’s work with others.

People are the heart of the performance and profitability of most every company, and as such, most problems are people related – whether that be an individual, a team, or the support systems, processes, and organizational structure within which they operate. When people are the root cause, there are usually issues of motivation, instinct, and communication involved.

Overall success comes down to leadership operating in a well-designed organizational structure with individual employees being well matched for their job. The quality of the leadership/ supervisory role is frequently the core measure of a company’s potential to succeed. Deficits in leadership cause all kinds of problems, including poor performance and profitability, as well as low morale. Companies that genuinely care about their people, and express that caring through a strong system of support have the best success in all areas.

Most problems are solvable when individuals and teams are accountable for their actions and aligned around common goals and expectations for the benefit of each other and the company. Without that commitment and alignment, problems with individuals and teams reemerge down the road in different guises and different ways. The core of our work is bringing this accountability and alignment into reality.

The good news is the history of the past does not have to repeat itself. New commitments and goals, new alignments can be made to dramatically increase a company’s performance – with a solid decision to do so. In our twenty-plus years’ experience of working with business owners, most issues are solvable.

The management consultants at Business Whisperer have helped many companies with their people problems – which leads directly to improved performance and increased profitability. See our Reviews/Testimonials to get an idea of the breadth of our success.

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In my role as Director of IRA Services, and now CEO here at Goldco, I have worked closely with and observed Jerry Llewellyn in every aspect of his consulting work with our company throughout 2016. During this year with Jerry’s support, we have grown our business from $53 million to $85 million in gross sales, reaching record breaking monthly sales multiple times.

Jerry has been instrumental in helping to minimize the challenges associated with this type of growth. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to draw out the best in others – their best ideas and their best efforts to build teamwork and high levels of performance. He is extremely professional, laser sharp, and a phenomenal communicator. Jerry has also provided executive coaching to the leadership at Goldco, generating new ideas and initiatives for the success of the company.


Brenda J. Whitman, CEO, Goldco Precious Metals