Management Consulting for Performance Improvement and Profitability

Management Consulting for Performance Improvement and Profitability2019-05-06T03:01:46-05:00

Attain PEACE OF MIND for your Business

When we interview a client for the first time, we find out what is really going on – what are the client’s desires and/or fears and what is the client wanting to achieve or prevent? In our many decades of experience working with business owners, 5 Things come up consistently that clients are wanting:

  • Profitability or Growth
  • Alleviation of Stress
  • Time Flexibility
  • Control of Business
  • Risk Avoidance

Each of these things is achievable with performance improvement: Performance of individuals, teams, leadership, systems, etc. With performance improvement and the attainment of these five things comes PEACE OF MIND for your business. Peace of mind is the overarching outcome that Business Whisperer can provide you and your business.

Clients just like you throughout the country have happily received our support in attaining solutions to problems that were unmanageable for them prior to our intervention. Call us to learn how we can serve you and your company. Call us to find out how you can attain Peace of Mind for your business.

In my role as Director of IRA Services, and now CEO here at Goldco, I have worked closely with and observed Jerry Llewellyn in every aspect of his consulting work with our company throughout 2016. During this year with Jerry’s support, we have grown our business from $53 million to $85 million in gross sales, reaching record breaking monthly sales multiple times.

Jerry has been instrumental in helping to minimize the challenges associated with this type of growth. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to draw out the best in others – their best ideas and their best efforts to build teamwork and high levels of performance. He is extremely professional, laser sharp, and a phenomenal communicator. Jerry has also provided executive coaching to the leadership at Goldco, generating new ideas and initiatives for the success of the company.


Brenda J. Whitman, CEO, Goldco Precious Metals